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It was not an easy task to rule over millions of people, therefore massacre and blood shedding was necessary for taking possession and ruling hold, for which wars were fought without any reason.

          The in-habitation started from the islands of West Indies whose local people were either made slaves or they were put to an end by wars. In the same way, Peru, Mexico, Eastern, Northern, Southern even the whole America was captured. Here it is necessary to bring this thing into notice that they focused specially on Peru because a regular empire was established there with plenty of wealth.

          For exploring America, not only one country took the lead but countries like Spain, France, Portugal and England also sent their own troops of nobles and army chiefs. Whenever such troops came, they brought with them wild dogs, canons, and many arm troops whose work was desecration of women, running the cannibal dogs after people to kill them, the remaining people were kidnapped, made servant and afterwards sold in Europe. At that time, if any tribe became rebellious, was severely suppressed. New mixed breed was brought into being by many local women. Education was limited to higher classes. The preaching of popes was along with soldiers. The settlement monitoring was done very strictly. Jews and Muslims were not allowed to live there. All the Muslims were put to death by bloodshed. Wealth and authority was in the hands of officers, settlers or with those who were born amongst them and were included in nobles.

          In Europe, as Columbus gave false tidings of gold and silver in America, therefore it was inevitable to start mining. So the local people, who remained alive were forced to do this task under the strict supervision of the government.
          It is a fact that American regions beside clothing and textile iron things were manufactured, pottery and cattle rearing was also carried on in the homes. Government’s big source of income was underground minerals like gold, silver and other jewels. Beside all these things the inhabitants had to face the fights by local people and suffered a lot. Ultimately the local people had to step back and in this way slowly and gradually their existence disappeared at all.

Many big wars happened at different times in the world. History is the witness that tatarian nation bathed the whole world in blood and its affect continued approximately for three centuries. As after the independence of Pakistan and India when people were migrating Pakistan, became the victim of horrible blood shedding and this event became an unforgettable one. In the same way an identical event is the cause of America’s discovery.

In the beginning, Columbus accompanied by different navigators went on sea journey, at that time his mates while passing through sea routes pointed towards a place and said the world exist here. So the direction of ship was turned towards that side, and these people reached at a new world which at present is known as “America”. After this event, Columbus went back to Europe and informed the European monarchs about it. The fully helped him and sent their soldiers and nobles with him. In the beginning, Columbus tempted them for gold and silver and as people of Europe were fed up of civil wars, popes, arm forces and monarchs, agreed to help Columbus and stay there. 

The event of discovery was so important that historians have divided it into two parts.

1.      Before Columbus
2.      After Columbus

America was discovered at that time when due to civil war the internal condition of Europe was getting bad to worse. On the other hand the Ottoman Empire closed all the routes which were going in the direction of Asia, at that time Columbus discovered America. What an amazing thing it is that America was only 36 miles away from Strait of Barring, but for century’s people of the ancient world remained unaware of it. Nobody imagined of it that a great continent is existing on the other side. Till the time of Columbus no one could think about such a big continent neither India nor a part of Tatars an kingdom but a separate world. Now from northern direction some people reached at the Icelandic region of America and kept the name “New World” or it’s identity. Afterwards a Spanish monarch sent on of its government servant on the journey of this new world. He at first docked his ship on the coast of Brazil and then northern, middle and southern America was also discovered. For this reason this new world was given the name of America.

America, America, America rising on the universal political horizon that strong powerful place which showed to the universal states a broad and complicated political tangles, for the solution of which all the states started to play their own rule .the state of America has not become wealthy and powerful suddenly, even it is so big that it can rule the whole world. Today America is counted in the list of richest countries, but it will remain a rich and a united. It is “why” and “how”? In order to solve these questions it is compulsory to turn the pages of history. By reading history we come to know that 1. Were the nations settled their leading a wild life? Weren’t there any traces of culture and civilization in America? 3. Was Columbus the discoverer of America?

After setting these questions let’s find out their answers and try to know what is the fact.Well, whoever discovered America but its credit goes to Columbus .It’s a point to ponder that millions of people were dwelling on this Icelandic region not since few years but settled there for centuries. During that time this Icelandic region comprised of various areas and in the tribal form. Among these tribes the Arabic names, Spanish Muslim tribes, red Indians and black people’s name are noticed. Besides this the evidences about Mongol generation are present with clear proof. On the basis of this it is said that Asians inhabited America. Among these nations the name of red Indians is mentioned on top. They had red skin with less hair on their body whereas they used to keep their hair straight on their head.

As far as culture and civilization is concerned, various researchers have written that the first Muslim tribe settled on the land of America already showed the way of culture and civilization which built the mosques, roads and kept Islamic and Arabic names for lakes and cities. Whereas the proofs about the dresses of Muslim ladies in the Spanish style and use of veil are present in the historical books.

Now this matter is concerned that when America was discovered were all the nations existing there. Today when America being a powerful state is ruling the whole world then a question arises where had all these nations gone and what happened to them?

The history of France is full of riots and wars. Not only France regarding its beauty but the whole Europe is proud of it. Even today at some places France seems to be busy in war. Sometimes in the form of coalition, sometimes in the defensive form and at present for the sake of uranium the border activities on the land of Africa are carried on.

As one portion of France is in Europe and the other one is in America so France has to remain battling from all sides. Moreover due to some of the defect of past and some present issues France seems to be at the edge of destruction or in search for complete change.

According to an estimate in coming years Muslim nation will be a big nation in France because even today Islam is the second big religion in France. Muslims mutual relationship, marriages and spirit of love and affection remains there at any cost on the basis of this nation; France will be a big country with majority of youngsters. Even today according to figures the increasing rate of youngsters and children France is on top among the whole Europe.

These are the points for whose change, the political leaders by putting their heads together, so that population, problems and everything remains in control. But knowing all these things instead of taking right step, wrong step is taken for which public has to suffer and then unrest environment occurs. On the other side the universal political leaders publicly say that if left party will come to power than it will be an earthquake in the whole Europe and it cannot be easily ignored. 

France is a beautiful country existing on the land of Europe, consisting of many interesting facts. It is an exemplary country as far as interest and fascination is concerned. It is decorated with flowers, fragrance of perfumes and cleanliness attracts the tourists. Its attractiveness and gracefulness which we observe since many years has not come at once, for its achievement many changes, enthusiasm and great efforts are responsible. The sacrifices given by its nation, and people of France who sacrifices their lives proved to be worth full. This is the reason that today’s France is not only self-sufficient but we can say that France is a name of culture, tourism and fashion, where every now and then concerts, parties and plenty of fashions as well as political turmoil are carried on.

Today’s France is very developed and is considered to be the 5th great economy. By war point of view, France holds 7th atomic position. According to geographical conditions, France possesses a state of bridge between America and Europe. Some of its areas lie in Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Some European countries are its neighbors.

Anyway any of the European country is when changes come at any place then its effect is seen either partially or completely over whole Europe. America and Europe have kept an eye on the increasing strength of nations and political activities in France, which by forecasting the future try to paralyses its system.

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